Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1,000 Fans Giveaway Winners Posted Below - Check to see if you won!

Please forgive the "mess". I tried to make the posts as neat as possible and ended up with small font and photos. So if you cannot read, please let me know! All eleven winners are posted below with what you won and the vendor's name. You are responsible for contacting the vendor. I will make sure that they each know who the winner is (to prevent anyone else fraudulently trying to claim they won the prize - sad we have to do this, but we do). If you have any questions, please let me know. I appreciate everyone participating and hope to do another giveaway in the future, just not of this magnitude and I will change the way that it is done. This was way too time consuming! I am exhausted. I do hope that all of you enjoyed the giveaway and would greatly appreciate your feedback please. (Please leave feedback in a comment here please.) Thank you all so much!

**I want to also note that if a name was drawn as a winner, and then was drawn again on another prize, it was redrawn since the prizes were limited to one per participant. You need to verify with the vendor of your prize any shipping requirements as well.**

Kadence Photography, 2KatieDesigns, Pink Llama Shop, Natural Bambino, Captured By Faith Photography, Dar'Lynn Bowtique, One Tutu Three, Kroger Kreations,  Jillian Spencer Photography, and Sunshine Creations Boutique - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS! You are more appreciated than you could even know!

Edited to add: In case you cannot get the entire page to load, the following is a break down of the winners:

Little Knit Knacks - Photography Prop Prize Pack - Andrea Ellis
Kadence Photography - Session and Print Prize - Jodie McGinley
2KatieDesigns - 8x10 Frame - Lauren Rosinski
Pink Llama - $10 Shop Credit - Luciana Viramontes
Natural Bambino - Laundry Care Item - Stephanie Hegland
Capture by Faith Photography - 5 free photo edits - Melissa Dunaway
Dar'Lynn Bowtique - $10 Gift Certificate - Anne Hall

One Tutu Three - 50% off handmade tutu - Angela Venable
Kroger Kreations - 50% off entire purchase - Christina Bollinger
Jillian Spencer Photography - Four 5x7 prints - Jessica Swaner
Sunshine Creations Boutique - Tutu and Headband Set - Lottie Essig

Below are the pictures of the drawings and each entrants number. If you did not complete the required entry form, your name was not in the drawing, so please do not ask why you entered for a prize but were not in the drawing. I made many attempts to let several people get the right information in so they could be entered. Thank you!

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