Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time for a customer appreciation giveaway!

When I started knitting, I never imagined I would be sharing the items I knit with so much care and love and joy with so many people. Even moreso I never imagined “selling” them! Beyond that I didn’t think I’d ever be doing as much as I am with my love of knitting. I thoroughly enjoy knitting for preemies in the NICU, full term babies in the NICU even, and you all have inspired me to do even more. Photography props were something that came about from a local photographer who was looking for someone to knit in exchange for the use of photos the knits were used in. I never imagined making something that someone wanted to enhance their beautiful infant photography. I researched, purchased patterns, made sure I could sell the items I purchased patterns for and that’s where my love of photography props began. I wish I could photograph as beautiful as you photographers do but since I cannot I will leave that art to YOU. I appreciate everyone who is a fan of Little Knit Knacks and who has made me what I am today and helped me to flourish in my love of knitting!

I will soon be getting into some crochet too. When I do you will all be able to benefit from my love of making items for photography, babies, and the family! As part of my customer appreciation DAY I want to announce that each of these people responded to “where, how, who” they learned about Little Knit Knacks and came to be fans of my page. Without you I would not be doing this and sharing across the United States!

These are the names entered into the drawing:

1. Jodi Holifield - Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

2. Deidre Seker - Child's Hat entry

3. Kera Ables - Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

4. Kahla Larson - Child's Hat entry

5. Christi Lewis - Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

6. Krystal Halterman - Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

7. Tammy Hammond - Newborn Hat entry

8. Jazmin Ford - Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

9. Chelsea Jones - Child's Hat entry (Chosen my Mandi-did not hear back from participant)

10. Lauren Rosinski - Child's Hat entry

11. Denise Williams - Child's Hat entry

12. Veronica Youngblood - Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

13. Tara Widener - Child's Hat entry (Chosen my Mandi-did not hear back from participant)

14. Christine Rudnicki - Child's Hat entry

15. Brandy Bolzenius - Child's Hat entry

16. Jess Swearingen - Newborn Hat entry (Chosen my Mandi-did not hear back from participant)

17. Gina Fairfield - Child's Hat entry

18. Alisha Horner - Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

19. Lee Ann Stehle - Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

20. Amy Caruso -Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

21. Melissa Ibbotson - Child's Hat entry

22. Stephanie Shaver - Newborn Hat entry

23. Shelly Benham - Newborn Hat entry

24. Aimee Frances - Photpgraphy Pod and Hat Combo entry

25. Christy Brown - Child's Hat entry

26. Leslie Appling - Child's Hat entry

27. Patti Williams - Photography Pod and Hat Combo entry

28. Lorna Tobin - Child's Hat entry

29. Wendy Murphy - Child's Hat entry

29 entries! WOW! This is incredible. There will actually be 3 winners. So, if your name is posted above I would like you to please respond with which category you would like to be placed in a drawing for:

A. Photography Pod and Hat Combo

B. Newborn Hat

C. Child’s Hat

The customer appreciation drawing was inspired not only by my fans but also by my friend Lee Ann Stehle who has helped me so much with more than she could imagine. Just by being such a wonderful mom to her son Luke who is need of medical care out of the State of Arkansas to check into his sleep disorder. He also has epilepsy. I am not sure of everything this wonderful little boy has going on, but his incredible mom (and dad) have never given up, ever. So Lee Ann this one’s for Luke!

PS Olivia's entry was removed because she is my daughter and I can make her anything at anytime. # Sorry Liv! I renumbered everyone starting at 12 where Olivia's name was.


19 comments : said...

enter me for a childs hat please!!!

Kahla said...

Childs Hat please :o) So awesome, hope I win!

bamagirl said...

I'd prefer being entered in the child's hat category.
(this is Deidre by the way! :)

Lauren said...

I would like to be entered into the drawing for the child's hat. Thank you so much!

melisai said...

I'd love the child's hat. This is Melissa I.

Chance and Alisha said...

I want to be in the Photography pod and hat combo drawing please.


Little Knit Knacks said...

Ok I have you all noted who are highlighted and have the item you'd like to be entered for. Thank you for responding so quickly. We'll give it a couple of days. I hope everyone responds back. Also Olivia won't technically be in the drawing, she's my daughter, I can make her anything at any time. So there's really only 29. :)

Veronica said...

Photography pod and hat combo. Thanks so much.


Little Knit Knacks said...

Gotcha Veronica! Thank YOU!

Shelly and Kevin said...

Enter me for the newborn hat.
Shelly Benham

Anonymous said...

Any of the above! I love all of your stuff. I guess either the photography prop or newborn hat! :)

Anonymous said...

I know it's overloaded, but I'm throwing my "hat" into the ring for the child size hat. :)
Wendy M

Anonymous said...

I would love to be entered for the childs hat! Thanks Mandi! <3
Christy Brown

Little Knit Knacks said...

Christy and Wendy I got your entries!

brandy bolzenius said...

The child's hat please ~ Brandy B.

Jazmin said...

Photography hat and combo :o)

Anonymous said...

put me in for the newborn hat! Thanks Tammy Hammond

Anonymous said...

Child's hat drawing please-- Leslie Appling

Amy Caruso said...

I would love the photography prop!!!! :)
Amy Caruso